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Sonus Mortis - 'Propaganda Dream Sequence' 2014 Album

7.49 / On Sale

'Propaganda Dream Sequence', the debut 2014 album available for orders now!

Over 60 minutes of death/doom with symphonic/black/melodic/atmospheric elements.

Track Listing:
1 The Cyber Construct
2 Propaganda Dream Sequence
3 To Lament, Mourn And Regret
4 Enter Oblivion
5 The Flock Obscenity
6 Automated Future
7 A Doctrine For The End Times
8 Decompression Countdown
9 And The Foundations Start To Decay
10 Scolecophagous
11 The Ephemeral Sempiternity Of Time

Tracked, mixed and mastered at Trackmix Studios, Blanchardstown Dublin Ireland ->
Trackmix Studios Link

CD Artwork by Tom Davis ->
Art Of Tom Davis

Find Sonus Mortis at ->